Pastor; Daisuke Nakai

“I grew up as the eldest son of a Buddhist (Soto sect) follower.

Became a Christian when I was a university student.  I believe there is something important in the invisible, which I want to evangelize.  At the same time, I would like to live hand in hand with people of diverse faiths.  Kurashiki is a wonderful city with a rich culture though a small local city.  Please come to see us. I look forward to meeting you one day.”


Pastor; Daisuke Nakai

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Associate Pastor; Lin Myungyu 

I am from Korea.  Baptized when I was in my first year of high school. 

Served two years and a half in the military, and nine years in a financial services company. 

I graduated from the Graduate School of Theology of Doshisha University, and have been serving at Kurashiki Church since April, 2017. 

I love coffee, especially love drinking fresh coffee roasted, dripped from green beans. 

When desired, I offer “coffee service”.  I would like to talk about the Bible, our life, Korean culture and its history, and… coffee.